Roll-on Wax Refill
Natural Honey

  • Professional Wonderfully Effective Formula for NORMAL SKIN, THICKER, DARKER & RESISTANT Hair, but suitable for All Skin Types
  • The Product Melt at Low Temperature
  • Instruction How to Use
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How to Use: Insert the roll-on refill into the heating device WAXEPIL and plug in the device for around 30 minutes, while the wax melted completely. Thoroughly clean the skin before hair removing with Pre-Waxing Lotion WAXEPIL (recommended) and then dry the skin. Unplug the heating device and through the roll-on into the device roll on the wax in the direction of hair grows. Apply a WAXEPIL Non-Woven strip on the waxing skin, rub with your hand to fit snugly, then pull sharply in the opposite direction of hair grows. After waxing clean and hydrate the skin with Post-Waxing Oil WAXEPIL.