Wax Strips
Grape Oil - FACE

  • Enriched with Grape Oil, Aloe Vera and Vitamin E
  • Remove the hairs from the roots
  • Natural sensation and long-lasting result
  • Easy application and wonderfully effective on short hair
  • Tolerance tested under dermatological control

How to Use: For greater effectiveness, the hair must be between 2 and 5 mm long. •Before the waxing, the skin must be clean and dry, with no traces of cream. It is recommendable to apply talcum powder to completely dry the skin or WAXEPIL Pre-Wax products. WAXEPIL Pre-Wax products helping the skin for better and easy hair removal. Cleaning the skin from oily and dead cells. •Determine the direction of growth of the hair. •Rub and worm the strip with your hands until it loses rigidity. •Spit the two strips slowly. •Apply the wax strip in the direction of growth of the hair, rub the strip to stick it properly to the skin. •Keep the skin tense with one hand and with the other pull the layer of wax with a rapid movement parallel to the skin and in the opposite direction of the growth of the hair.  It is very important that the product be removed energetically and flush with the skin. •Don't wax the same area more than twice. Wait for 48 hours before waxing the same area if the skin is irritated. •After the waxing eliminate the traces of wax on the skin by pressing softly on the back of a used strip. After the waxing eliminate the last traces of wax using a cotton soaked in baby oil or WAXAPIL After-Wax Oil product. WAXEPIL After-Wax Oil making your skin feeling supple all over.