Depilatory Cream

  • ORGANIC Moroccan Argan Oil
  • Paraffin-FREE
  • Ultra-Delicate & Rapid, Effective from 2 minutes, but depends from the Skin and Hair Type  
  • Very SPECIAL for BIKINI, but ideal for Face and all Body
  • Developed to REDUCE or MINIMIZE the Risk of ALLERGIES
  • TOLERANCE TESTED Under Dermatological Control
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More about the product:

Exceptional formula, very gentle, but effective for all skin types and with a pleasant scent. Leaves the skin feeling supple all over. 

How to Use: With your hand or a spatula, uniformly distribute the WAXEPIL hair removal cream to cover the treating area. For each treating area allow the cream to sit and test. If the hair was not eliminated in full, allow the cream to sit for a few more minutes without exceeding the maximum application time indicated for each area. Follow the instructions. FACIAL use: effective from 2 minutes with maximum time of 5 minutes. BODY and BIKINI use: effective from 3 minutes with maximum time of 7 minutes. After the time treating area clean the cream from the skin and wash with tepid water. Do not use soap immediately before or after using the cream. Do not use perfume, antiperspirant or astringent lotion to the treated area 24 hours before or after using the cream.